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How to: convincing your fiancé you need a wedding planner

Whether you previously decided you won't need a planner and now you want one, or you just don't know how to bring it up... Let me help you.

Let's cut to the chase - if you're reading this, you need a planner. If you need a sign, this is it. Let's jump into my reasoning that you then can pass on to your fiancé!

#1: Weddings are expensive! You may be thinking "Well everyone knows that, you don't really know what 'convincing' means, huh?" Hear me out. If you are on a strict budget, you have very little room for error. It is UNBELIEVABLE the amount of brides and grooms that get scammed/ripped off on the regular. Certain "vendors" have formed such a craft for tricking people, that it is truly what makes their career flourish. But hey, I don't blame the brides and grooms, planning a wedding and negotiating is exhausting. An ethical wedding planner, who knows what they're doing, looks through the nitty gritty of the contracts, strongly advises against unreasonably priced vendors (because we know), all while executing your vision. Which brings me to point number dos...

#2: Weddings take a lot of friggin' time. It's literally one day, it can't take that much time, right? Wrong. It takes 6 to 12 months to plan your dream wedding. Wedding planners are timeline professionals and know what needs to happen and when. Let's go over my checklist, shall we?

  • Set a budget

  • Make a guest list

  • Select bridal party

  • Decide a style and theme (you think you know what you want but will lose sleep over this one)

  • Choose a venue

  • Sample & select caterers

  • Choose color scheme

  • Research photographers/videographers that fit your desired aesthetic

I would keep going, but that is just my routine prep for 12 months out. The remaining months have at least 5 tasks of their own. Thus, wedding planning is a full time job, so unless it is your means of income... you're in for a rollercoaster.

#3: Wedding planners thrive off of reviews. So while you may hesitate of letting a stranger take some rein on your wedding, we want it to be EXACTLY how you want it, probably as much as you do. Our reviews are everything to us, so if we underdeliver it could be detrimental to our reputation, and our reputation is EVERYTHING.

#4. Your wedding is supposed to be the BEST.DAY.EVER. Take this year to soak in your engagement, being a fiancé is part of this special time in your life. Hire a professional! I also guarantee, any vendor will tell you there is a difference in a wedding that is professionally planned versus one that isn't. I don't say that to discourage you if you've been dreaming of planning your own wedding since you were little, go for it! I will reiterate though, a lot of stress can be avoided by going through a planner, we're here to ensure things will get done smoothly.

All this to say, I love weddings and I love love. Trust your intuition more than anything. If you have the time and knowledge, planning your own wedding can be beautiful - I have faith in you! Though, if there's any doubts, there's a community waiting and excited to help you!

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