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Our Services

Our Services

Below are options for packages specifically for wedding planning. Please inquire via email for all other events and different options if the ones below don't fit your needs! Inquire at the bottom of the page for pricing specific to your needs. 


The Sequoia 

The Sequoia Package is inspired by a lyric from my favorite song that says,  "your promise is loyal, from seed to sequoia." The seed represents your vision for your wedding, and my promise is to plant that seed and tend to it until we have executed your dream wedding - the sequoia tree. From start to finish, I will be by your side.  


The Knight Sky


It takes millions of stars to light up the sky, just like it takes a lot of details behind the scenes to create a beautiful wedding. The Knight Sky Package is to help with all the loose ends, management and coordination. This package is recommended for the couples that want to take most of the rein, but needs a little bit of that professional sparkle to make your wedding shine.

All coordination packages require a 50% deposit if you decide to book at least 6 months in advanced - if not 100% price required.

The Prada Package

Are you looking for someone with a good eye to design your dream wedding? Or maybe you don't even know what your dream wedding looks like! I am here to help. Designing weddings is one of the best parts of my job - and I would love to be at your service. With The Prada Package, you will receive full design from me!

Table Centerpiece

All design packages require a 100% payment at time of contracts.

What Our Clients Say

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Emma Lauter

"Working with Julia is seamless. The way she is attentive to detail and makes every person feel valuable, you can tell she is passionate about what she does. She has assisted me with many proposals, picnics, weddings, corporate events, etc."

- Emma Lauter, founder of Emma Rose Floral

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